2021 State Over 40’s Pairs

Event Cancelled

Any entry sent online via Bowlslink entry portal has been refunded.

Please check your credit card statement.

Any entry sent manually for debit are delayed due to Bowls NSW Office closure. 

These will be refunded as soon as practically possible.

Competition Overview

Bowls NSW, is excited to announce a new State Championship;
The NSW State Over 40s Pairs Championship

The State Over 40s Pairs Championship is for eligible Bowls NSW registered members aged 40 years and over and under 59 years as at the date of commencement of the Over 40’s State Finals.

It is a 3 Bowls Pairs Competition with matches played over 18 ends and time limited.

Players must be from the same declared club for 2021 season.

To view the schedule of play, draw and competitors click below:

HANDY HINT: To find your section, type your surname in “search for an Entrant” field, then press ENTER

Please note:

In O40s Pairs, there is no practice or trial ends, Match 1 starts at 9.00am sharp – Games are time limited to 2 hours 15 minutes – No Dead Ends – jack is re-spot.

Matches 2 & 3 may start earlier than advertised start times, if ahead of schedule (all matches must start at same time).

Playoff matches for section winners are scheduled for Sunday 25th July, however, knockout playoff matches can be played after sectional matches on Saturday 24th July, by mutual agreement with opposition and host venue.

Competition Details

2021 Conditions Of Play – click here

Host Venue Details


Venue One:

Club Maitland City

14 Arthur Street Rutherford NSW 2320


Venue Two:

Lorn Park Bowling Club

Melrose Street Lorn NSW 2320