by tbreuer

Written applications are invited for the above position. Further information by way of Position Description and or any questions on this exciting role can be directed to the Zone 13 President,
Mark Willey, 0419 019 613, or email at [email protected]

The Zone 13 Executive are looking for someone with a solid knowledge of the game of lawn bowls, previous committee experience and is able to work to important deadlines, communicate efficiently and be proficient in negotiation & management of Executive & member requirements.

Additionally, the applicant would require a high level of computer competency with sound website and social media experience.

The Sports Administrator reports to the Zone 13 Executive while working closely with the Zone President.
Sports Administrators Duties & Responsibilities include:

  • Keep accurate records of the names and contact details of the members of the Executive Committee, the Association and of the delegate(s) authorized to represent each member club
  • Keep accurate and adequate minutes of the names of each member of the Executive Committee present at all meetings of the Association and /or the Executive Committee
  • Keep accurate and adequate minutes of all proceedings at all meetings of the Association and/or the Executive Committee; Receive and dispatch all correspondence relating to the Association
  • Furnish a report of the Association’s activities for inclusion in the Association’s annual report
  • Arrange for a copy of the Association’s annual report to be forwarded to each member Club, the Department of Fair Trading and to the Bowls NSW Pty Ltd
  • Act as Chairman of the Association’s Match Committee
  • Be responsible for managing the Association’s website
  • Be responsible for liaising with all media outlets on behalf of the Association
  • Act as the contact person in all of the Association’s dealings with member Clubs and Bowls NSW Pty Ltd
  • Liaise with the Chairman of all operational Committees of the Association
  • Perform such other additional duties as may be determined by the Executive Committee
  • Be a registered bowling member of a Zone 13 affiliated club

The successful applicant must be registered with a current ABN number. An annual fee in respect of the duties performed for and on behalf of the Association to be negotiated & contracted with the successful applicant.

Expressions of interest applications close 5.00 pm, Friday 26th June 2021.