Roll Ups & Practice During Lockdown

by admin

After extensive consultation with the Office of Sport, advice has been provided regarding roll ups and any
other form of participation in lawn bowls during lockdown.

While keeping communities safe from the spread of COVID-19 is paramount, the NSW Government does not
take any decision lightly to apply restrictions. The NSW Government appreciates the impact and uncertainty
that this period is having on the community.

Under the Public Health Order, undertaking exercise and outdoor recreation activities is a reasonable excuse
to leave your home. For more information relating to restrictions for where you live:

  • Greater Sydney, including Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong & Shellharbour – Click Here
  • Local Government Areas of Concern in Greater Sydney – Click Here
  • Regional and rural NSW – Click Here

However, while any exercise may go ahead if it meets the Public Health Order, it also needs to comply with
any venues that are directed to close. Many bowling clubs are located in registered clubs and registered clubs
are not permitted to open under the Public Health Order.

Any bowling club that is located on the premises of registered club cannot be accessed. Further, it is the
Office of Sports’ understanding that in many circumstances while the greens are physically outside the club,
they are legally part of the property of the registered club. This is why they cannot be accessed as the whole
registered club is required to be closed.

The Office of Sport acknowledges that all sport and recreation providers operate under different structures
and policies. The impact of COVID-19 will affect each organisation differently. Decisions to continue or alter
operating schedules and physical activity offerings throughout this time may differ between organisations and
locations. These decisions are the responsibility of the facility owners and operators, and activity providers, in
line with their risk management and operating policies and ensuring Public Health Orders are complied with.

Clubs and individuals should take a common sense approach when considering whether their decision is
reasonable, and be prepared to explain their decision to NSW Police if asked.

Further updates will be provided once restrictions begin to ease.

To read the full Circular, click here.