Play Suspended for State Events in 2021

by mtaylor

With the announcement from the NSW Government to extend the current lockdown and impose new restrictions in a number of LGAs, all 2021 State events, including those administered and run by Bowls NSW and Women’s Bowls NSW, will not be played in the 2021 calendar year.

Bowls NSW Ltd is considering the options available to reschedule 2021 State events beyond the calendar year.

Any Districts, Regions or Zones yet to complete 2021 events are asked not to reschedule or make arrangements for these events to be played until further updates are provided by Bowls NSW Ltd.

It is anticipated that the events calendar for 2022 will be available for release in October 2021 and will be prepared in line with the ongoing competition review and any relevant health advice provided by the NSW Government.

Bowls NSW Ltd will provide further updates as soon as possible.

To read the full circular please click here.