Travel Assistance Grants

About TAG Scheme

The Travel Assistance Grants (TAG) Scheme is an initiative of Bowls NSW to assist Individuals, Clubs, Districts and Zones who are facing financial hardship in covering the cost of travelling to compete at Bowls NSW Association Event State Finals or State Level Inter-Zone Representative Events.

Bowls NSW is committed to ensuring both regional and metropolitan areas of NSW are provided with the same opportunities to host State Finals, however with 1440kms between the farthest reaching Clubs in NSW from North to South and 940kms from East to West, there will no doubt be times when some Zone winners will be required to travel substantial distances in order to compete.

The TAG Scheme is entirely funded from State Pennant Final hosting fees, and will accessible for all NSW State Pennant Finals, NSW State Championships including Open, Senior and Junior events, and NSW Inter-Zone Representative Events including the Open, Senior and Junior 7-A-Side, as well as other select events from time to time. The document provides all applicants with the guidelines of the scheme.

• Eligibility alone does not entitle an applicant a right to receive TAG funding, and the allocation of TAG funds shall at all times be at the discretion of the Bowls NSW Board.
• An Individual Member is eligible to apply for TAG funding only if competing in the following State Finals Events;
• NSW State Championships (including Open, Senior, Presidents and Junior) – Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours
• NSW Champions of Club Champion – Singles and Pairs
• Other NSW State Finals e.g Rookies, Aloha (Regional Play-offs)
• Only one (1) Individual Member per team (pairs, triples and fours) is eligible to apply for TAG Funding.
• A Club, District or Zone is eligible to apply for TAG funding for a selected side only if competing in the following State Events;
• NSW State Pennant Finals Grades 1 to 7
• NSW Inter-Zone Representative Events – including Open, Senior and Junior 7-A-Side.
• Club Challenge State Finals
• Applicants required to travel in excess of 500kms (one way) shall be given preference when considering TAG funding applications. Distances will be as calculated through Google Maps.
• The financial position of the licensed (mother) Club may be taken into consideration when determining cases of financial hardship.

Application Guidelines
• Applications must be submitted using the TAG Scheme Application Form which is available on the Bowls NSW Website (Top of page).
• Applications must be submitted no later than thirty (30) days after the completion of the State Event for which the funding is to be used for, and be accompanied by all required documentation requested on the form. Applications received without sufficient supporting documentation will be rejected.
• Unless otherwise determined by the Bowls NSW Board, Travel Assistance Grant allocations will be calculated using the relevant event formula provided in the funding guidelines, and will be limited to car travel costs for the distance travelled ONE WAY between the home club of the applicant player, team or side and the host venue.
• Bowls NSW has the right to refuse applications received for reimbursement of bus hire or air travel, however if so approved, shall only be eligible for funding on the basis of one way car travel expenses using the relevant event formula provided in the funding guidelines.
• Districts or Zones applying to subsidize players travelling by car to State Inter-Zone Representative events must show evidence of reimbursement to individuals responsible for driving.

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